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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 21, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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a massive power outage trickling downtown san francisco and beyond. spreading as far as the witch man district leaving 87,000 customers without par. bart says it has a new police chief. we learn what his previous rank and file thought about him. a lawsuit over anne -- good afternoon, and i'm gasia mikaelian. >> 80,000 customers in san francisco without customer. p and e says the estimated time of restoring power is an hour away. >> we show you a map. it has been causing problems throughout the city from bart station closure ask traffic problems and reports of workers giving up and going home early. we have the latest from the street. a lot of people standing around, christian. >>reporter: a lot of people trying to get around it,
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gasia and mike. we're at third and kerny and market where they meet. you might be able to see this. there's a parking enforcement officer directing traffic because the traffic light out here. as you said before, the power outage caused a problem that shut down power to -- businesses in the area had to close early and the traffic light is out. they have been knocked out for hours. pg&e is working to determine a cause of the outage, but they say it appears to be linked to a failure at the marken substation. smoke poured out of that station earlier. it's not clear if the smoke is the result of the failure or the cause of the failure. pg&e is at the cause of that fire. it's still undetermined. the affect on the city has been clear. we have seen intersections of parking enforcement officials directing traffic. businesses have closed for the day sending workers home early because they have no power in their
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building. businesses ranging from restaurants to office buildings which have no power, no internet and no air-conditioning. hundreds of passengers on bart and muni were impacted. passengers had to get off on powell. the station on either side of the montgomery. >> it was chaotic and very crowded and i have a minor handicap. i have a bad leg and people were kind in getting out of the way and making room. thank goodness one of the escalators was working for a change. >> in the middle of a power outage. >> which is unusual. >> in the last half hour, we heard that power has been restored and trains are stopping at the montgomery station. the twitter spear have been speculating about the cause of this outage. many saying in similar -- similar in los angeles and new york, they believe it's
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a hack. we received a statement from the fbi they're monitoring the situation, but there's no sign of criminal activity at this time. that coming from our local san francisco headquarters. the twitter -- pg&e saying they don't know the cause yet so they do not know if this was a hack. you've heard the fbi looking into it as well. >> christian, we should see power coming back on in eastern -- coming back on in an hour. >> that's what i heard. they hoped to have power back on by now. it could be a moving deadline because the cause of that outage could be more difficult for them to repair than they fought. we'll keep monitoring the situation and keep reporting on it and make sure people are aware as soon as we're aware -- >> christian, thank you. there's a new person in charge of the bart police department. the transit agency announced this
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morning it has hired former santa ana police chief carlos rojos. this hire comes with controversy. it reports violent crime in santa ana increased under his watch. the police union scheduled a vote of no conference for rajas. he rose through the ranks to become chief. he takes over for canton who retired. grace says she expected rajas to speed up -- republican students at uc berkeley are threatening a lawsuit over plans to move the day for controversial speaker -- they're allowing her to speak after cancelling her appearance due to security concerns but the university was to change the date from april 22nd to may 7th. she vowed to speak on the
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originally planned date whether the university approved or not. the campus republicans are threatening a lawsuit if she's not allowed to make the appearance. >> it's a -- if they choose not to honor the first amendment rights -- to all viewpoints, then they're going to face a lawsuit. >> mrs. kultner plans to come to this campus on april 21st -- it's of grave concern. >> back in february, you'll remember there were violent protest when another speaker, milo was scheduled to speak. the speaking event was cancelled. the media expert says controversy may be what she wants. >> that's her business. that's what sells books, that's what sells her. >> culter says she spent
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the money to hold the event. she say the may date will coincide -- likely fewer students around to hear her speech. it's unclear what the requirements would be for san francisco students who want to receive free tuition to city college. >> ktvu leigh martinez reports. >>reporter: administrators says still undecided is a school policy that would link free tuition to grades. they need to maintain a 2.0 grade average and complete half of their units each semester to free tuition. the city of san francisco announced starting this fall it will pay the $46 per request tuition fee which is paid by the students. san francisco will also provide $250 each semester to full-time low income students. people who have lived in san francisco for at least one
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year are eligible. residents under the federal deferred action for child a child arrival -- will also benefit from free tuition here. >> i'm an immigrant here. i have been under a financial poverty in my family, so i think at least this is a good idea for me. >> current students says it's about time for free education. >> i think the money part should be dropped out of all of it. it should be open 24 hours a day, and it should be free for everyone. the opportunity should be there all the time. you never know what might come out of it. >> john is not just wrote an application and came to the education fair to collect information on health and medical classes. >> i want to say a lot of things and i want to enhance the medical field like become a surgeon. >> students started touring the campus at 9:00 this morning and some of them were so eager, they filled out applications on the
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spot. registration begin in the first week of may. in san francisco, leigh martinez, ktvu fox news. a guard at san quinn ton prison is recovered. anthony was being taken to a medical apartment. the officer had financial injuries, but is expected to be okay. delgado is on -- there was quite a scene in a court. corey that ham hard-- he made outbursts during the minute-long hearing. muhammad is charged with killing -- the superior court judge found a doctor to examine him. muhammad is set to return to court may 12th. the investigation
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continues into yesterday's deadly terror attack. today, mourners continue to lay flowers at the makeshift memorial where one police officer was shot and killed. reporter greg has more. >>reporter: security is tight here as le -- police killing one officer and wounding two others. this couple from kentucky witnessed the shooting and almost became victims himself. >> he started shooting bullets in the air and the police were in the street, so it was a terrifying moment. >> i saw him move it and i could see clearly the machine gun. >> unbelievable. >> it was an attack. >> isis claimed responsibility. reportedly he was found with a hand written note expressing -- >> with the fingerprints and they [indiscernible].
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>> president trump condemned the attack and continued tweeting about it this morning saying another terrorist attack in paris. people of france will not take much more of this. we'll have a big affect on presidential election. so far, the president seems to be right. marine le pen suggesting all -- others vowed to take a fight to isis in syria and iraq where the attacks are being planned. >> despite for the freedom and security of the french will be mine. this must be the priority of the next president. i will do everything to destroy isis and all the other islamic terrorist groups. >> voters if france are heading to the polls on sunday for the first round of the presidential elections. the two top vote geters will face each other in a run off. in paris, greg, fox news. new information from washington, dc. president trump says he'll reform a tax reform package next
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week that will include massive tax cuts for individuals and businesses end quote. he's saying the tax cuts will be bigger than any other. he says it will be released on wednesday or shortly therefore after. the administration hopes to get a bill passed by the end of the year. a local police officer set to be sentenced for murdering his estranged wife. >> i said if anything happens to me, i want you to know john did it. >> she wants to expose the -- that she says nearly cost her her life. steve will tell you -- the doors will open in hours. we'll tell you what attendees can attend this year at the silicon valley.
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we're in the 4th hour of a pretty big power outage affecting san francisco. this map shows where outages have been reported. 87,000 customers are without power right now. the latest estimate we have pg&e it will be restored at 1:00. you can see here the problems were first reported in the financial district and they're wide spread. we talked with pg&e -- they expect that to be the case at noon. they're pushing
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that deadline more. christian kafton will bring updates as we get them. senator diane finestein is talking about the tech of california and the u.s. -- finestein also ex-pected to talk about cal tran, tax and health care reform as well as u.s. conflict with syria, north korea and russia. reverend jesse jackson celebrated tech week. apart of the coalition push tact 2020 summit helping today and tomorrow to help get science and -- reverend jackson delivered -- he delivered a 20,000$20,000 check to the oakland school district. they matched that amount for $40,000. reverend jackson's -- >> we are reconnecting the
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relationship that is already established except we're coming with a plan to ensure we can impact communities and we're utilizing -- because of his voice and his capacity and his legendary status and we're able to touch a lot of people's lives in undeserved areas and bridge the divide. >> the vip reception includes music, food and speakers. thousands of comic fans expected to arrive. >> jesse is live with the previews. any notables there yet. >>reporter: gasia, it's a few hours before the comic con. there's going to be actors like pam greer. we're going to interview her in a little bit. i'll have that later in the day. let's look at our video. a setup going on inside the convention center in san jose. 200 vendors from around the country are here
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to display the latest in science and the world of comics. since the creation of comic books in the 30s and 40s, comics is a la crew tifb-- a lucrative industry. we tried to learn the appeal. >> i love the stories, and i just love them. i have comic books all over my house. >> and there's stacks of props and momentables waiting waiting for -- outside at caesar chavez park. there's a two-day science fair called "save the planet." it starts tomorrow in conventioh earth day and wraps on sunday as comic con wraps. we'll have that interview with pam greer later today and everything comic book related. talk about central casting. a story that's fit for the
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reporter. this is it is. we'll see you at 4:00 and 5 5:00. live in downtown san jose, ktvu fox 2 news. happy friday, sunny afternoon. how about that. early this week, we had rain, we had cool temps and we had fog yesterday morning, and then poof like that, it disappeared. it was in the 60s. today we're warming up. a couple of high clouds and corey in lake county, our lake county sources says the magic was cleared. the high clouds have cleared out. speaking of lake county, total rain this season is 128.62 inches of rain. that's a lot of rain, but that's not a record yet. the prior record passed 100 years was in 1994-95. i think they'll beat that. they're seeing rain next tuesday for some up lake county and maybe next thursday.
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you get offshore breeze and -- and it's really warmed down in southern california. 50s on the water temps. they bottomed down in low 50s. they have settled in the mid 50s and if it changes, i'll let you know. temperatures are warming, much warmer for some. santa rosa -- livermore up 6. san jose [indiscernible] if it feels warmer, it is. there's an offshore push although oakland airport reporting southwest. most locations have northeast. i think i'll head up 50. ready to go to tahoe. no worries there. everything is smooth sailing. no fog you have to worry about except for a couple of high clouds way to the north. we have nothing else except high pressure and warmer temps and the ridge is moving. this system is pretty strong for this time of year. it will work its way in and nudge out of the way for a cool down. and more so sunday. there's plenty
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going on from the hawaiian islands and they're going to put us -- maybe some rain to the north, but it's not today. sunshine and warmer temps, 60s, 70s and mid 70s and upper 70s to 80 degrees for some inlands, eastern parts of costa county. baking -- today looks to be the warmest day. good on saturday. coolest on sunday. it look looks like more clouds and more rain to the north on tuesday. san francisco's annual 4/20 gathering in golden gate park not as packed and a few changes to the event. cleanup is underway this morning. pep rallies there and in the paths, there were complaints about trash left behind and bad behavior and violence. yesterday's events have improved safety and
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cleanliness. businesses paid $158,000 to pay for fences and they hired security and cleanup crews. >> you wanted to go a bay and it's a celebration. it's like halloween. >> it seems [indiscernible] and the vibe was positive. >> by 6:30, park rangers on tva's moved through to get the crowds to head out of the park. officials says there were no arrest. one person was arrested for a stabbing along hate street last night, but police says there's no reason it's tied to the event at this time. coming up, fire investigators looking into possible arson at a shop owned by bay area rapper [indiscernible].
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volkswagen has been ordered to pay $2.8 billion over its admissions scandal. it came to a head six weeks ago when the german auto maker pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice. executives admitted to cheating on admissions case and the case found 6,000 diesel cars were -- and turn off those controls while on the road. vw is paying $1.5 million in a civic case to the government and spent $11 billion buying back cars and offering other competitions. tesla is recalling more than 50,000 vehicles
12:25 pm
because of its bad parking brakes. model s cars built between february and october of 2016, tesla says the parking brakes may become stuck. so far no crashes have been linked to the recall. tesla is contacting owners in hopes to have all those vehicles fixed by october. right now, tesla stocks are up 1%. stocks lower after yesterday's . you can see the dow jones down 22-points and energy companies follow -- we know when bb stores will close. the company announced its shutting its doors focusing online sells and the retailer says it will liquidate merchandise by the end of may. there's 175 bb stores including in san francisco and -- goggle unveiled a new feature that could make its goggle home easier for families. it says who -- it has the ability to
12:26 pm
distinguish between six people voices in the house. it's something echo can't do. goggle home will recognize each person's voice independent. a bay woman attacked and robbed while leaving the social security office. >> i was trying to get up and i could not get up because it's so -- it's so [indiscernible]. >> next, what she says happen and how a stranger stepped in to help. plus shots fired into a home of a bay area woman. two investigates allegations that police protecting one of their own instead of protecting her.
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stay on top of breaking news here as we show you again that map that's illustrating the many, many points where pg and e is receiving reports of a power outage. in san francisco from the financial district, to the tenderloin to the marina, 90,000 people, customers are without pg&e services. i remember -- people are standing outside their office buildings and the traffic lights are down. there's a question about is this a deliberate act? we're starting to get some responses. >> that's right because there were other power
12:30 pm
outages in a couple of other cities, new york city being one of them and los angeles. we did receive an fbi state here in san francisco saying that we are monitoring the situation, but there's no sign of criminal activity at this time. i believe that statement is specifically referring to this outage here in san francisco. >> at this point, the latest estimate we have from pg&e, they're trying to restore power by 1:00. we'll see if that's the case. we'll stay on top of this breaking news. 90,000 people in san francisco without power. it has been since 9:00. we'll bring updates as we have them. a former bay area police officer now awaiting sentencing for attempted murder after being convicted of firing shots into the home of his estranged wife. >> she tells 2 investigates candace win, she believes he received special treatment prior to his arrest. she wants to
12:31 pm
expose the police department, the mistakes that nearly cost her her life. >> there was some strange behavior leaving stuff in my backyard, his truck was very distinctive. i could hear it out in front of my house. [indiscernible] saying i'm watching you. he would tell me who are they going to believe, you or an excop constantly. >> was there a time you believed it? >> yes. >> cindy would doesn't want to use her last name, never emergencies things could go so wrong so fast. >> i told my coworkers if anything happens to me, i want you to know john did it. >> a jury convicted her father and retired police officers of attempted murder. surveillance video shows his pickup driving by her home in january of 2015. it stops and multiple rounds are fired into cindy's home. >> i crawled on the floor
12:32 pm
into my kitchen and i called 911. >> bullets hit walls and flew threw her window. >> i said shots -- >> john good is charged with murder. >> it has taken her more than two years to share her story not just about the shooting, but about what led up to what -- what didn't make headlines. >> they should be held accountable. >> cindy believes that antioch officers showed her husband special treatment because he was with law enforcement. he was medically retired in 2009. >> do you think the police department dropped the ball? >> i don't know who they were trying to protect. it wasn't me. >> cindy says she reported her estranged husband walked around her neighborhood and drive drunk passed her house and send messages of what he can see going on at her house. >> this is the parking lot
12:33 pm
behind me house, once again being stalked and you got rides home where they would call someone to give him a ride home. >> how do you know they were giving him a ride home. >> a lot of times i saw it myself when they did it. >> cindy says in february 2014, she and a friend called police of saying goodner in the backyard and window. police called -- she reported him putting a tracking device on her vehicle. >> he turned one of his old i-phones into a gps tracker and he put it in this tackle box water seal with a high powered magnet and painted it black and put it under my car. the police officer that came out knew him and called him and said you need to knock this off. give me back the tracker and nothing. >> [indiscernible] for the rest of your life? >> yeah.
12:34 pm
>> after months of bazaar behavior, cindy filed a restraining order where she says -- when she told goodner what she did, he said you do that again, i'll kill you and i believed him. >> why haven't you done that in the past? >> after weeks of -- sending a detailed e-mail of police calls for them to explain -- we went to the department. we would like to speak to the chief? >> you have to have an appointment. >> we've been e-mailing and calling and we want to make sure to get his side of the story. >> antioch police department declined to speak to 2 investigates. >> the cases are very difficult to respond to and very complex. >> officials not involved in the indicates, we spoke
12:35 pm
to sung kim, the director -- >> responding to an incident doesn't have much information about the history. they would need some evidence of violence before an arrest can be made. >> which is why kim encourages victims to save evidence. and they can train police officer on how to respond to domestic violence calls. she says what amazing cindy's case is she lived to tell the tale. >> i like to see women become stronger. >> when things go wrong so fast, not every victim does. >> don't let anyone tell you that anyone is above the law. >> candace nguyen, fox 2 news. police in san leandro arrested a man and a woman accused of planning to kill an 11-month-old baby. marcel brooks appeared in court. police say the two tried to kill the baby who
12:36 pm
was brook's son with another woman by luring the mother sunday afternoon. >> the female suspect was inside the restaurant, approached the female and her child and fired one shot at close range and exits the restaurant. in my opinion it was a miracle that she missed. >> i don't believe it. i don't -- let me say this, i know what marcel is capable of. i don't know what adona is capable of. i know my nephew marcel is not capable of that. he has kids. he would not hurt a child. >> the allegations are a shock to brook's family who says they did not know he had an 1 -- they didn't know he had an 11-month-old boy. the principal of albany high school is stepping down as the school deals with allegations of racism. 11 students have been suspended in relation to racial messages and the principal anderson is being
12:37 pm
reassigned to another job within the district. he'll replace ron -- on tuesday, the school board is set to hold a special meeting to address the racial indent. four bay area houses are being fined. those fines which total more than $1 million -- the four hospitals including saint like's campus in san francisco, kaiser in san francisco, queen of the valley hospital in napa and sequoia hospital. they have to create a plan to prevent future mistakes. there's was a suspicious fire. mr. fab whose name is stanley -- he believes the store was set on fire early thursday morning. cox says the store front burned and there's smoke damage. >> my biggest concern wasn't the store. the first thing in my
12:38 pm
compliance of what i asked when they said the building was burnt down, are the babies okay upstairs. that was my biggest concern. there's 11 people who stay upstairs. >> arson is suspected because of a strong smell of gas. cops say security cameras that may have captured -- police in campbell are hoping a sketch will lead them to a robbery suspect. the man walked into kaiser motors and asked to test drive a truck. take a look at this sketch. he's a white man in his 30s and brown hair who says his name is robbie. he's 150 pounds and police say the man drove off in a tan or champagne-colored truck. anyone with information is asked to call police. a woman is recovering after being attacked leaving a social security office. >> immediately after the attack, she was helped by a
12:39 pm
good samaritan. as aliana gomez reports, that man is still trying to help her two weeks after the attack. >> he's my hero. if not him, i don't know. >>reporter: some might say it was fate. before april 4th, caba and kyle barnett were strangers but they happen to be in the same area at the same time. kyle was at costco -- living close by she decided it walk -- >> i saw this kid. i don't know how old he is. as he passed by, he got my hand. i don't know how i - i don't know how i fell down. >> she says she was very disoriented and believed she was punched during the struggle. >> when i saw my blood coming out of my -- right
12:40 pm
here, i panicked and then i took -- i was waiving to the cars and no one stopped and then this big car stopped and he asked, what happened. what happened. >> that driver was kyle. >> i grab her, i put her in the car, you know, and right away, her face is smashed, eyes swollen shut and her lips are busted. >> and pictures taken are difficult to look at. she had a brain hemorrhage from the fall. her wrist was so broken it required surgery. doctors had to insert tiny crews. >> for her to be 65-year-old and get beat up like that is just -- you know, it's hard. it's definitely hard to put a grasp on. >> a couple weeks later, her bruises have healed and her arm is in a sling, but the teeth she chipped will have to wait because she doesn't have dental coverage. kyle is hoping to offset those cost for her.
12:41 pm
>> i set up a go fund me page because i knew -- >> doc says she's grateful r kyle and hopes to put this behind her. [ crying ]ble]. >> you'reo nice. >> the attack happened on a busy residential area, but there were no surveillance cameras around. it all happened so fast she didn't get a good description of the suspect other than he was a young black male with clean cut wearing white earbuds. police did stop someone fitting that description the day it happened. they showed dot that picture but she says it wasn't her attacker. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. remembering a ledge end. fans paying tribute to prince. warming up for the weekend. i'm ready to go. meteorologist steve paulson is r bay area forecast.
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♪ "turn around... every now and then i get a little bit hungry and there's nothing really good around.
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12:45 pm
substation. we're not sure if that fire is what caused the outage or a result of the outage there in san francisco. at last checked, also pg&e saying 10,000 customers have had their power restored within the last three hours. also a series of power outages took place in los angeles and new york and all those outages occurred around the same time. no evidence they were connected by anything more than really coincidence. the local fbi office put out a statement saying we're monitoring the situation, but there's no sign of criminal activity at this time regarding this outage in san francisco. we'll continue to monitor that outage and have updates for you here on our noon broadcast and online at music fans around the world are making one year, marking one year, i should sasince the death of theic legend prince. music icon was found dead
12:46 pm
at his paisley park mansion last year. he died from an over doze last year. >> thousands of prince fans will gather at the sites made famous by the purple rain superstar. >> the purple -- it's shutting those from across the united states and close to 30 countries around the world. >> it's [indiscernible] to be honest. >> he brought his 10-year-old daughter from england like many fans and they're soaking in all the favorite sites and sounds of the place prince was born and turned into a musical legend. >> prince taught me a lot and i'm getting emotional, and when he passed away, it was quite a big deal for me. >> are we ready to celebrate? [cheers and applause] >> kicking off the 4-day celebration inside paisley's park, general administration and vip
12:47 pm
ticket holders paid between 500 and $5,000. they focused on their years with prince. >> it was [indiscernible] so it felt like you were apart of a family. it was really special. >> a surprise performance by george clinton and the p-funk. >> we were jamming to him that's why we have no voice left. >> there's people in a room with so much love and -- >> and energy. >> through the weekend, these roughly 2,000 ticket holders are share memories and surprises and everything prince. >> [indiscernible] and the second day -- at least for one day we'll be able to become. >> however, fans had been excited about six previously unpublished prince songs, but now a
12:48 pm
federal judge in minneapolis halted the release. >> they say it breached the -- oh, what a friday. afternoon sunshine, temperatures bumping up. we're running a good five, almost ten degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. this is the warmest day over the next three to five. if you want sunshine and warmer temps, today is your day. there's a couple of high clouds and they cleared out fast. there's northerly breeze and northeasterly breeze, the system is knocking on the door, but it can't come in today. now, later, by saturday into sunday, it will work its way in here. don't worry about rain unless you're on the north coast. it's going to bump the ridge of high -- it has a westerly breeze and low clouds and high mid level clouds. today it's about sunshine and warm ocean temps and water temps in the mid 50s. 54 to 56 degrees. temperatures
12:49 pm
compared to 24 hours ago, are 1 to 8 degrees warmer. santa -- livermore plus 6. everybody's running warmer. there's a slight offshore component for most. not for everybody, but most. it's pronounced toward the dublin. toward fairfield is where the wind direction is coming. that equals sunshine and warm temps and in the mountains, it looks great. beautiful on the coast today. today is the day. we may have to fool with fog tomorrow as that system comes back. the ridge of pressure isn't going to put down stakes. that will allow cooling to take place. there's a lot going on in the pacific, coming out of the gulf of mexico and hawaii. this will be a cool down, but not today. sunshine and warmer temps so this is the best day of the week and i think the bt over the next three or five. saturday looks good, but cooler on sunday. next week you might have to deal
12:50 pm
with rain to the north on tuesday. the disappointment for the santa jose sharks and their fans -- the sharks were up 3-1 in the second period and led for most of the gang. they - they tied it up and won in ot. edmonton leads. game 2 tomorrow night. it's a must win for the sharks season. there's more signs of excitement about its -- next thursday, the nfl draft starts with that first round. how about this? the raiders say on day three of the draft, saturday, the team will announce their draft picks from the famous welcome to las vegas sign. the raiders plan to build a $1.3 billion sign in las vegas and it's scheduled to open for the 2020 nfl season. the raiders have exercises an option on defensive star matt for the 28th season. he's ranking player of the year with
12:51 pm
double digit sacks. matt will be a raider for a long time. reportedly over the next year, the raiders will workout a contract extension with matt that's expected to make him the highest defensive end player in the league. kevin durant is taking to you tube to update fans on his injury. he's recovering from the calve injury he suffered against the playoff game against the trailblazers. >> i feel like i can go, but the whole organization told me to be best to give it a few more days of rest. >> durant is optimistic he'll be ready to play in game three in portland. the warriors have a 2-0 lead over the trailblazers in the best of seven series. coming up, a look at the new movies in theaters this weekend.
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
all right, coming up on mornings on 2, on monday, we're going to break down the warriors and trailblazers and also the sharks and the oilers and playoff -- we are following the big weekend games. >> seeing sunshine and warmer weather, but how long is that going to last? i hope you're with us monday morning from 4:00 to 10:00 on mornings on 2.
12:54 pm
there's new movies hitting the big screen this weekend with something for everyone. >> from suspenseful thrillers. ashley has a preview of what's new in theaters. >> very nice to meet you. >>reporter: katherine and dolphin lead the psychological thriller unforgivable about a woman who goes through lengths to break up her ex-finance' and his new girlfriend.
12:55 pm
>> the drama the promise stars charlotte -- the film chronicles a love triangle during the last days of the autumn empire. >> this is her home. >> in time for earth day, there's born in china. it follows three animal families and the adventure is nature ate -- >> the action thriller free faller is two gangs in 1978 boston fighting it out in a warehouse. >> there's no air track or missile. >> there's no good reason for keeping this secret. >> the sci-fi found footage flick seen as forgotten mixes reaction and fiction with a group of friends that went missing during
12:56 pm
the phoenix ufo -- >> a gun is a salute was held to honor queen elizabeth the second. it's her 91st birthday today. britain's longest monarch. she usually spends her birthday private. she's expected to celebrate with the royal family and like -- she gets two birthdays. her real date of birth and a second in june when the weather is better. a few minutes away from the closing dow on this friday afternoon. after the big games, the dow down 14 points and the nasdaq down 3 points. >> we are standing on top of that developing news out of san francisco. >> pg&e says a power outage affects tens of thousands of people should be restored at any moment, but the damage has been done. we'll have more on the 4 on 2:00. we know traffic get
12:57 pm
nothing and out -- workers said they can't do my work. what am i doing to the office. think about the lost business and -- >> transportation and shops and restaurants. >> the mayor tweeted he's at the emergency operation center working with city departments to deliver services. we're staying on top of this developing story. we will have more for you throughout the day on and certainly on the fours on twos.
12:58 pm
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dr. oz: one in seven will die from a heart attack this year. don't be the one. groundbreaking rules to help save your life. and no nonsense radio host charlamagne on why getting tired fired is a blessing. >> i needed to change my lifestyle. dr. oz: and can devon franklin help this couple after a cheating scandal. >> there is no justification for cheating so let's just start there. dr. oz: coming up next. we will save lives today. you guys ready to get healthy? [cheers and applause]


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